21st Century Skills & Methods for making WISE College Decisions

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"Mandy is amazing!! Efficient and thorough, Mandy helped me in just a few hours! And I know that I just have to contact her if I have any questions! I am so excited!!!"
- Jen Milbee, Online Grad School Prospect

A philosophy that says:

  • Test Scores do NOT make or break your college options.
  • Enormous tuition debt is unnecessary and totally avoidable.
  • Brand name schools do NOT produce the most successful adults.
  • Where you are accepted has NO bearing on your self-worth.

The path to finding the best college for you starts with self-discovery.
"Mandy helped to organize my college choices, scholarships, and applications which has allowed me to focus on my school work and maintain my grades during senior year. Her work has allowed me to focus on the exciting aspects of exploring colleges that fit my personal needs while helping me determining the colleges that best fit my capabilities and achievements."
- Jack Smith, UC Berkeley

"Mandy was instrumental in helping me find a master's program that met my needs as a full-time, working educator and mother. Her guidance provided me with information essential in selecting the right school and program to advance my career. Her genuine investment in my success left me feeling motivated and excited about my education. I recommend Mandy to anyone who is just starting out or looking to go back to school with full confidence that she will help tailor a plan that will enable you to succeed."
- Dana Thompson, Online Grad-School Graduate